Cantili - tape dispenser

Year: 2014
Client: Beyond Object
Dimension: 11.5 x 3.75 x 10.5 cm
Material: Steel, PVD plated zinc alloy, rubber
Finish: Silver, gold and copper plating
Purchase : Beyond Object Shop



“It’s hard to find a minimal and elegant tape dispenser with a proper weight, that’s why we decided to design one ourself ” 

Cantili is a tape dispenser with a pared-down, sculptural form abstracted from the everyday tape dispenser. Consisting of a pair of concave circles and a cantilever, its simple and light design is stable enough to be used with single hand.

The cantilever structure and mirror polished disks give the tape dispenser a visual lightness, yet the real weight maintains the stability a proper tape dispenser requires. 

Cantili comes with three different finishes - silver, gold and copper.