Funno - Pencil Sharpener

Year: 2014
Client: Beyond Object
Dimension: Ø5 cm h6 cm
Material: Steel, PVD plated zinc alloy, rubber
Finish: Mirror polished gold, copper and silver
Purchase : Beyond Object Shop


“The concept of funno is all about rhythm and movement, the fluid mirror surface is almost tempting you to place a pencil inside and twist it“ said the studio, describing the pencil sharpener. “It’s weight also allows you to use this object as a paper weight.” 



Funno is a pencil sharpener machined from a solid block of metal and hand polished with mirror finish in various colours. While the minimalistic design eliminates traces of this object as a tool, it has a mysterious appearance that invites the users to touch and interact with it. Funno dynamic sculpture on your desktop. 

Funno comes with three different finishes - mirror polished gold, copper and silver.