Silo - Wall Clock

Year: 2016
Client: Beyond Object

Clock Face Diameter: 60cm
Clock Face Diameter with Markers: 87cm
Alumnium Disc, Steel Casing, Quartz Movement
Purchase : Beyond Object Shop


Silo is a simplistic sculptural clock designed to create interesting aesthetic appeal through the use of angular hour and minute hands that play on mathematical tangential relations and triangular forms. It is not just a clock. It is a kinetic sculpture that alters its shape through time.

With Silo we were looking to portray time with a poetic sense; using essential elements like thin lines and circles combined in a beautiful harmony of colours, shapes and materials. 

Silo clock cast attractive shadows on the wall whilst performing gentle movements. It changes at every instant showing you the time passing, always in anew, wonderful way. Just like time itself Silo clock never feels the same every time you look at it. Its name Silo comes from the sound of the word “silhouette“.