Lino Letter Knife

Lino Letter Knife

Lino Letter Knife


Manufacturer :  Beyond Object       Year : 2015


“It is like a sketching in the space, with a surprisingly comfort grip and sharp blade. We draw a simple outline of a knife, reducing the decorative parts and bring that shape into three-dimensional space, that was the starting point of Lino.” 

Lino is a structured letter knife. The solid knife has been reduced into merely its outline - the only remaining essentiality that defines this object as a knife.

Handmade in stainless steel, the thin, black outline draws a three-dimensional shape in space, creating a void structure that also fulfills the purpose of a proper letter knife. Providing a solid grip, Lino is not only a functional object, but also an art piece that complements your workspace.

Lino comes in matt silver finish and matt black finish with tefron coating.